9 Best Aromatherapy Oils – 2021 Reviews & Comparisons

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In our quest to create a list of the best aromatherapy oils on the market, the number of brands that we came across was amazingly overwhelming.

This made the project a lot more challenging than we anticipated.

best aromatherapy oils

After several days of relentless research and communication with some long time essential oil users, we were eventually able to discover the top rate and the most utilized aromatherapy oils on the market. Below is the result of our research.

Introducing our list of the top rated and the ten …

The 10 Best Aromatherapy Oils in 2020: The Reviews

Below is our reviews of each of the essential oil mentioned in this article.

1. Radha Beauty – top rated aromatherapy oil in 2020

Purely natural with no carriers mixed and no bases, fillers or additives. This aromatherapy oil is a mixture of plant extracts that give it the unique smell that it has.

For example, it has a sweet citrus-y stink mixed with a spatter of tang. Plus, it has a soothing smell that gives a lemon tip-off if inhaled deeply. Thanks to lavender, one of the most utilized ingredients for making essential oils for making this possible.

Another great quality of this oil is the camphor aroma with the cool smell that if offers. A few drops in your essential oil diffuser will turn your surrounding into a sweet smelling place where you would want to spend the whole day. Plus, the scent last longer than most of the brands that we came across.


2. Kis Oil’S – best aromatherapy oil in 2020

With a therapeutic grade and naturally pure essential oils, this is one of the most purchased aromatherapy oils on the market today. Not only because it’s made from extracts of plants but also because of its power to enhance your well-being.

It comes with neither fillers nor additives, and it’s made of wholesome essential oils with all the natural healing benefits that they offer.

Included in the package are six amber brown bottles with a ten milliliter dropper that facilitates dropping into your essential oil diffuser.

Kis aromatherapy oil is packaged in such a way that will preserve the freshness of the oil for as long as they’re kept in the bottle.


3. Healing Solutions Best Blends

The name says it all. It’s a mixture of therapeutic essential oils and is formulated to improve various parts of your life, including stress relief, good night sleep, calm breathing, muscle relief, etc.

Trying this aromatherapy oil for the first may tempt you to become a frequent user. Unlike most essential oil blends with the smell of one component that overrides the rest, none of the blends in this brand dominates other components.

A little drop in your essential oil diffuser at night will give you a soft and calming smell that will easily lull you to bed for a good night sleep.


4. ArtNaturals Aromatherapy Oil

Besides therapeutic healing, this aromatherapy oil also offers fragrance benefits and cleansing. It’s a mixture of eight different essential oils that were obtained with innovative steam-pressing procedures.

The ingredients used to formulate ArtNaturals aromatherapy oil are purely natural and both cruelty and paraben free.

This makes this oil safe for skincare, particularly when mixed with carrier oil. Also, it’s a perfect essential oil for use with humidifiers, diffusers, or vaporizers.

The package is properly sealed to prevent leakage. Included in the package is a book with basic information about essential oil blending and uses. This is great for beginning essential oil users.


5. Good Sleep Essential Oil – best aromatherapy oil for good night sleep

As the name says, it’s really a good sleep essential oil. If falling asleep at night is a problem, get a bottle of this therapeutic oil. Even if you doubt its effect, give it a try anyway. Chances are you may never want to stop using it. Its mild smell and soothing odor are sleep triggers.

To make your baby sleep soundly at night, try this oil in their nursery. It will make them sleep a lot better.

Good Sleep aromatherapy essential oil is made with a mixture of plant extracts with therapeutic healing benefits. The formulation was done under highly hygienic environment with innovative techniques of extraction.

Included in the package is an amber glass essential oil bottle with an European dap dropper that facilitates dropping into vaporizers, humidifiers, or essential oil diffusers.


6. Majestic Pure Aromatherapy Essential Premium Oils

With a belief in holistic healing approach and the gifts – plants – of Mother Nature, Majestic Pure is one of the leading producers of essential oils, including some of the best aromatherapy oils on the market today.

This particular oil is a mixture of eight different oils with high quality elements. The oils are naturally pure and undiluted with neither fillers nor additives.

The eight components ingredients used to formulate this aromatherapy oil were carefully scrutinized to derive their pureness and combined to give you this Majestic Pure aromatherapy oil.

In other words, the original property, characteristic, and scent of each component oil are maintained while blending them to obtain this Majestic Pure aromatherapy oil.


7. Plant Guru Oils

Just like most of the best aromatherapy oils on this list, this one is also a combination of essential oils, including the most common ones like grapefruit, frankincense, tea tree, spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, and so many others.

The interesting thing about this aromatherapy oil is that its components were mixed in their natural and pure state with no chemicals added. This makes it one of the natural aromatherapy oils on the market today.

A few drops into your essential oil diffuser, vaporizer, or humidifier will turn your surrounding into a relaxing and soothing place with sweet smelling scent that will keep you calm and focused in whatever you’re doing.


8. Radha Beauty Aromatherapy Oils

It comes with a variety of essential oils with amazing qualities. Radha Beauty gives you all aromatherapy oils in one box. In every bottle, there’s a 5ml of naturally pure essential oil with no added chemicals.

If you’ve been using essential oils for a while now and you know how to test for quality, give this a try and you’ll find out for yourself. It passed all the quality tests that we threw at it with flying colors.

No wonder it’s one of the top rated and the best aromatherapy oils on the market today. More than one thousand people have purchased this and have said a lot about it.


9. Healing Solutions

Another great aromatherapy oil with high qualities. It offers healing benefits of over 170 blends of essentials. Not only does it offer agreeable smell, it also enhances general well-being and provides therapeutic benefits.

Most of the people that used Healing Solutions aromatherapy oil for the first time became regular users afterward.

While we were conducting the research for this article, the number of buyers that we discovered was unbelievable. And majority of them said lots of positive things about this aromatherapy oil.

Off all the brands that we came across on the market, this one of the most rated. This should tell you how beneficial it is to users.


10. Pursonic 100% Pure

A blend of six different essential oils into this pure aromatherapy oil with no carriers, bases, fillers, or additives mixed.

Besides its aromatic sweet scent, Pursonic can help improve your general well-being significantly, including your spiritual, mental, and emotional wellness.

A few drops of Pursonic aromatherapy oil into your humidifier, essential oil diffuser, or vaporizer will discharge a pleasant scent that simulates your senses and puts you into a calm and relaxed state of serenity.

Most users of this aromatherapy oil use it both at home and their office. Their friends and loved ones comment positively about it.




There you have it. Our list of the top rated and the ten best aromatherapy oils on the market today.  We’re hoping that this list will help you find the perfect essential oil that suits your needs.

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