3 Best Mini Stepper (2021)

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For those of you who are living in a small apartment, an expensive, large stepper isn’t really an option. No other workout machine, in fact, would do the trick for you. Instead, if you’re looking for a great workout partner that doesn’t take up a lot of space or break your bank, you would fare much better if you started looking for the best mini stepper.

These mini steppers are an efficient way of using your space; not to mention they look like a very sophisticated piece of hardware in the corner of your room. These steppers come with a variety of features, each looking to make your workout session more and more unique.

Here, we will discuss some of the best mini steppers that you can buy in the market without being uncomfortable in your home. So, let’s dive in!


Mini StepperWeightType (Resistance)CapacityWarranty
Soozier A90-14722.5 lbFixed240 lbN/A
BEOUZO Fitness22 lbAdjustable220 lb90 Days
Sunny Health & Fitness NO. 012S14.55 lbAdjustable220 lb90 Days
Stamina In-Motion E100024 lbAdjustable250 lb90 Days/1 Year


3 Best Mini Stepper

Soozier A90-147

The Soozier Adjustable Twist Stepper is a great option for those of you who are either getting into the world of working out, or don’t really have any experience with mini steppers. It’s among the pricier models on our list, but a great addition nonetheless.

The stepper has a fixed resistance level, meaning you can’t change how much resistance you face when exercising, which is why we’re recommending it as a start-up stepper. This compact model comes in two colors; grey and white, thus giving you an option (albeit limited) when choosing to match it with your house’s décor.

Soozier is one of the most reliable mini steppers you’ll find on our list and can take a bit of abuse, assuming you keep it well-oiled and maintained. Its compact design means that you can take it anywhere, any time without having to carry a bunch of rods and springs.

Whether your target is weight loss, just a regular workout, or an extreme makeover, an hour (or more) on this mini stepper can help you do wonders. Just be ready to grind in the beginning, since the resistance may be a bit too much for many.

The handlebar is one of the features that you won’t really find in any other in our list, which serves to improve your balance and ultimately give you a more comfortable session. The handle is covered in foam for better grip and hand protection.

It is height-adjustable and rather firm so long as you don’t go around leaning on it.

The black footplates are textured and made of rubber to give you better grip, while their shock-absorbent capabilities help you minimize fatigue.

And that’s not all. There is an LCD on the stepper that keeps track of your session, tracking not only your time but also speed, step count, calories you burned, and more.


  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Height-adjustable and balancing handlebar
  • LCD to track your session
  • Very compact when folded


  • Fixed resistance

BEOUZO Fitness

The BEOUZO Fitness Stair Stepper is a great addition to our best mini stepper list, and is among the cheaper options out there too. But keep in mind that the low cost doesn’t at all mean that you are cutting corners – quite the opposite is true, actually.

Despite the low cost, BEOUZO’s build and function can be compared to the high-cost variants (even surpassing quite a few). This is also why this mini stepper is among the best sellers in any store.

From thighs to hips, backs and leg muscles, you can work it all out thanks to the variable resistance it offers. To literally twist things up, the stepper features a twisting motion on its pedals to not just work your legs out but your whole core in the process! For those of you who are extra conscious about your hips and thighs, this is the best mini stepper you can get.

The twisting motion is countered by the textured and rubber pedals that help you get better grip on it all. The texture isn’t ‘spiked’ either, so you can easily exercise on it without wearing shoes. This makes it a wonderful choice for your home gym.

In fact, exercising without shoes is actually recommended to improve blood flow into your soles, making the exercise session even more worthwhile.

This mini stepper has European-standard hydraulic cylinders underneath, thus making it extremely quiet. The package includes 2 resistance bands to help you exercise your upper body along with the lower.

There is an LCD on the machine that keeps track of your session. When using the stepper – especially when looking at the LCD, make sure you keep your balance since the machine doesn’t have a handlebar to support you.


  • Twist action for better engagement
  • Adjustable frame height
  • Adjustable resistance
  • LCD display
  • Compact design


  • Not ideal for people who have trouble balancing or have knee injuries

Sunny Health & Fitness No. 012S

Another budget-friendly mini stepper is the Sunny Health and Fitness No. 012S. This is one of the most cost-effective models on our list of best mini steppers, but can be a great addition to your home if you’re looking for a well-rounded exercise machine. It also comes with 2 resistance bands and hooks to keep your core and back strong while you exercise.

Whether you’re looking for a great addition to your house or your office, this stepper blends in with the current aesthetic without causing too many problems. The grey polish is very low key, but it is important to remember that it can wear off if you clean it with anything other than a cotton rag.

The pedals underneath can easily handle weights up to 220 pounds as per the manufacturer’s claims, but customers have reported that if compressed all the way (height), it can take on more weight, too. Again, this is not recommended by the manufacturer, so we advise against it.

The only problem with this model is the lack of something to balance yourself with. We recommend you place it near a wall when exercising to get a hold of something solid when getting off.


  • Resistance bands and strong hooks included
  • Hydraulic drive system
  • Adjustable height and resistance
  • Good grip on the pedals
  • Cost-effective


  • Not suitable for people with poor balance or knee injuries

Stamina In-Motion E1000

Although one of the costliest steppers on our list of the best mini steppers, this one stands up to its name because of the high quality build, features and accessibility it provides. If it didn’t cost as much, we wouldn’t have hesitated to put it at the top.

You can use this mini stepper while sitting down, be it while watching a movie or even when working. If you look at other mini steppers that can do the same, they cost much higher. The model includes a 90-day warranty on parts along with a year-long warranty on its frame. Furthermore, it is available in 3 different colors so that you can personalize it as you wish!


  • Quiet operation
  • Adjustable
  • Can be used at almost any angle


  • Requires balance when standing on top of it

Buying Guide for the Best Mini Steppers

Now that you have a good idea of some of the best mini steppers out there, it is time to look at the factors to consider when making a decision on which one suits you.

Weight Capacity & Footprint

Depending on how much space you have in your room, you need to choose a mini-stepper that won’t be too big. Consider the dimensions of a mini stepper before deciding. There is also the question of how much weight it can support. Try to find one that can handle at least 10 pounds more than what you weigh.

Durability & Stability

A stepper that breaks under you is bound to leave a mark on your legs. When buying online, make sure you check customer reviews with regards to the frame’s build. You need one that isn’t just heavy duty, but also lightweight.

Cylinder System

Some mini steppers have hydraulic cylinders that you press during exercise. These need to be durable and silent so that you can use them for long periods without them overheating. The best way to determine their build is to read customer reviews.

Resistance & Step Height

After everything’s said and done, the most important aspect to consider in the best mini steppers out there is the resistance and step height. These determine how much force you have to exert to depress the pedals. If possible, try to find mini steppers with adjustable resistance.

Final Words

When it comes to finding the best mini steppers, the hunt can get very long and very overwhelming which is why we’ve reviewed some of the best ones for you. We hope our list of mini steppers and the buying guide that followed helps you find what you’re looking for.

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