8 Best Winter Earmuffs 2018 [Reviews]

Despite the wide arrays of brands of ear warmers available today, only a few of them are perfect for the cold weather. This makes it really difficult to find the best winter earmuffs on the market.

best winter earmuffs

The good news is that some editors of this shopping guide blog were put into a group and asked to scour the market. The goal is to create a list of cold weather ear warmers in 2018 with remarkable qualities.

Due to the endless number of brands available, this project lasted more than the anticipated time of completion. The problem was that the editors found it difficult to pick the brands to feature on the list, and the ones to eliminate.

But after several days of relentless research and communication with some fashion bloggers, the editors were eventually able to uncover the top rated and the best winter earmuffs available today. Below is the result of their findings.

Introducing our list of the top rated and the eight …

Best Winter Earmuffs

Best Winter Earmuffs 2018: The Reviews

1. Simplicity Women’s Winter Knitted Faux Fur – best winter earmuffs for women in 2018

Constructed to fit women of all ages, this cold weather ear muffler is designed with ultra-soft and premium knitted materials that provides excellent comfort to your ears and keeps you warm at the same time.

Simplicity Women’s winter knitted ear mufflers come with strong frames made of plastic with faux fur lined trim that adds to its elegant look when wearing.

This piece comes in various colors that you can choose to match your style of dressing. Plus, it can be worn with any clothing add-ons, including helmets, beanies, glasses, and hats.


2. Metog Unisex Foldable

Stylishly designed for both males and females, this ear warmers are made with comfortably smooth fabrics and it last longer than most of the earmuffs on the market today.

When worn, it wraps moderately firm behind your head without causing any strain. Plus, it doesn’t feel burdensome when you’re working with it.

Metog Unisex foldable ear warmers are designed to match any style of dressing and can be worn with some fashion accessories, including hats and glasses. You can also wear it with an helmet without any problem.

Regardless of the size of your head, you can adjust it to fit you perfectly well. Also, it’s lightweight and can be folded for convenient carrying around.

The inner part has a rabbit-like fur that feels soothingly soft on the ears while keeping you warm in winter.


3. Knolee Unisex Knit – best winter earmuffs for outdoor

Another high quality ear mufflers from Knolee, one of the leading manufacturers of cold weather gears, including some of the best winter earmuffs on the market today.

The difference between this pair and the one reviewed in number #1 is that this one is perfect for winter outdoor activities and sports, including hunting, hiking, skiing, biking, etc.

While the one in number #1 of his review article can also be worn for outdoor sports and activities, it’s a lot more appropriate for casual wearing.

This one, Knolee Unisex Knit earmuffs is made with high quality furred materials and it’s constructed to give you complete ear protection during the cold weather. The earmuffs can be detached for convenient washing.


4. LETHMIK Womens Faux Fur – best winter earmuffs for women under $10

This one comes with a plump design and it’s made with extremely silky and soft faux fur that feels very cozy and soft on the ears.

Unlike most fluffy winter earmuffs that lose their furriness after a few times of use, LETHMIK is exceptional. It has an extremely low fur loss issue.

No matter the size of your head, you’ll find one that fits you perfectly well with color options that will match your dressing style for the cold season.

One of the vital things that made us include this pair on our list of the best winter earmuffs in 2018 is the fact that it can be folded easily to fit nicely into your hand bag.


5. Simplicity Women’s Winter Faux Fur Ear – best winter earmuffs for women under $20

Protect your ears from the frosty cold and wind of winter with this ultra-deluxe looking ear warmers. Made with one hundred percent polyester, it comes in various patterns with lots of color options that you can choose to complement your winter dressing style.

One unique thing about this winter earmuffs for women is that the material that covers the ears is breathable and warm. This helps enhance the comfort that this ear warmer provides.

Another remarkable thing about this pair of ear warmer is that it’s compact when folded making it easy to store and carry around.


6. Primitive Wing Winter Foldable Polar Fleece

This one is designed to wrap around the back of your head when you’re wearing it without troubling your hair. It’s made with high quality soft fleece fabric and constructed to feel comfortable on your ears.

Primitive Wing winter earmuffs are made of polyester material. This makes it easy to wash with hand. Plus, it can be adjusted to fit you perfectly well and it’s foldable, too. When folded properly, it can fit nicely well into the pocket of your coat or jacket.

One unique thing about this pair of ear warmers is that it’s designed to be used with earphones if the wearer chooses to. This quality is rare in some of the best winter earmuffs featured on this list.


7. HEAD Woman’s Ear Warmers with Genuine Shearling Sheepskin

With its chic design look, this pair is made with one hundred percent polyester filler fur and stylishly designed to provide utmost comfort and warmth during the cold season.

One unique thing about this winter ear warmers is that it can match any style of dressing that you combine it with. So it not only keeps you warm in cold weather, it also gives you an elegant look.

Plus, when you put them on, they stay snug on your head without the need to adjust them every once in a while.

Being a one size fit all, this may not be ideal for children because it’s not adjustable like some of the models on this list of the best winter earmuffs in 2018.


8. Simplicity Women’s Faux Fur Fluffy Knit

Beautifully insulated with a stylish knitted print to add to the elegance of your dressing style, this ear warmer is constructed to give you full protection and coverage of your ears in the cold season. Plus, they’re comfortable and fluffy.

It comes with both artificial padding and lining for extra comfort when you’re wearing it. With various color options to choose from, you’ll definitely find your favorite color to complement your dressing style.

When it comes to the quality of component materials used for making it, this one is among the top rated. When wearing, this ear warmer fits perfectly well like a hair band.


The unlimited number of brands of ear warmers on the market today makes it extremely hard to find excellent earmuffs for the cold weather with valuable qualities.

Fortunately, the editors of this website have saved you lots of time and energy by compiling this list of the top rated and the best winter earmuffs in 2018. Hopefully, this article has helped you find a pair that suits your needs.

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