9 Best Winter Sleeping Bags – 2021 Reviews & Comparisons

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A group of contributors to this product reviews blog were asked to create a list of the best winter sleeping bags in 2019, the number of brands that they discovered was surprisingly overwhelming.

best winter sleeping bags
In the picture: Abco Tech Winter Sleeping Bag – get more info here

This revelation made it extremely difficult for them to determine the brands to feature on the list, and the ones to exclude from it.

But after several days of profound research and communication with some passionate and experienced backpackers, the contributors were finally able to fish out not only the top rated but also the best winter sleeping bags in 2019.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

 ✅ This specific winter sleeping bag is the most popular with our readers.


Now, introducing our list of the top rated and the nine best winter sleeping bags in 2019.

The 10 Best Winter Sleeping Bags in 2019: Reviews

Following is our reviews of each of the winter sleeping bag featured in this article.

1. Abco Tech – top rated winter sleeping bag in 2019

top rated winter sleeping bag

Get a calm and comforting sleep in this bag after an exhausting activity. Designed to offer you the most comfortable and cozy experience, this material can endure any extreme weather condition, including winter.

At 20 Fahrenheit degree, this bag for sleeping will keep you warm all night long. The S-shaped quilted design and the dual-filled technology are incredible features of this piece that are rarely found on most sleeping bags available today.

They help make Abco Tech sleeping bag weather-resistant and waterproof to prevent you from humidity and extreme weather conditions.

Unlike most sleeping bags that tend to add extra weight to your luggage, this one is lightweight. It’s easy to clean and can be washed using a machine.

Included in the package are a compression sack with straps, and a carry bag that’s perfect for travelling. These accessories help make the packing, storing, and carrying of this winter sleeping back a lot convenient.


2. TETON Sports Celsius XXL – best winter sleeping bag in 2019

best winter sleeping bags

Rated best for cold weather condition, and perfect for cool to frozen temperatures. This makes this material an ideal choice for people who sleep cold.

This piece comes with lots of awesome features that are rare to find in most sleeping bags on the market today. Strong and nicely constructed teffa shell is a feature that makes this sleeping shelter sturdy and durable.

Plus, it has a brushed poly-flannel lining with a bed sheet texture nicely integrated to add to the comfort of this piece.

Another incredible feature is the dual-layer construction for the complete length of the bag, it’s designed to enhance the strength and warmness it offers.

TETON Sports Celsius XXL is constructed with a half-circle mother style hood with an integrated drawstring to hold your head and prevent it from touching the ground. Plus, the zipper and shoulder draft tubes are designed to keep the cold out when you’re sleeping.

When packed, this bag weighs up to seven pounds. When set up, it’s 90 by 39 inches. TETON Sports sleeping bags can be zipped together for use by a family with several individuals, or by a group of people on the same expedition. Thanks to its XXL size that makes this possible.


3. Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

best sleeping bag for cold weather

Another high quality product by Coleman North, one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor tools, including some of the best winter sleeping bags available today.

This bag is resistant to extreme weather conditions and it comes with splendid features that offer you a homey and cozy sleeping experience regardless of the weather condition.

Coleman North extreme weather sleeping bag offers you complete protection from the top to the bottom. It can support a height of up to 6 ft. 2 inches. This makes it a perfect choice for tall people.

An adjustable-drawstring hood is an appropriate feature designed to comfortably contain your head and keep you warm.

Your feet are given extra room to move around, thanks to the box-like feature at the bottom that makes this possible.

The complete-length draft tube is designed to prevent heat loss through the zipper. And possible cold spots are eradicated through the exceptional quilting construction feature.

This bag comes with a stuff sack for compressed packing and convenient storage.


4. Ohuhu Double with 2 Pillows– best winter sleeping bag for camping & backpacking

best winter sleeping bag for backpacking

Regardless of the severity of the weather conditions, this piece will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the duration of your expeditions.

Made of high quality materials such as M2 3D cotton filling, T/C lining, and water-proof 210T. These materials are flawlessly combined to give you a homelike bed comfort when you’re sleeping in the bag. The two small pillows included in the package help add to the comfort that this piece offers.

While this is a dual sleeping bag, you can also combine the two and turn it into a large space for two people. When joined together, there are zippers on the two sides for convenient entering and exiting.

It’s a lightweight bag that fits perfectly well into the carrying bag that comes with it. This makes it convenient to carry.


5. TETON Sports Celsius Regular

best winter sleeping bags

Another high quality product by TETON Sports, one of the leading makers of outdoor gears, including some of the top rated and the best winter sleeping bags available today.

This unit is similar to the one reviewed in number #2. The only difference is the size. This one is 80 by 33 inches long at set up. And it weighs about five pounds when packed into the compression sack that comes with it. In other words, TETON Sports Celsius Regular sleeping bag is smaller than the one reviewed in number #2 above.

So if you’re looking for a perfect winter sleeping bag for use by one person, this is the right one for you.


6. TETON Sports Celsius XL -32C/-25F

best winter sleeping bags

Another incredible sleeping bag by TETON Sports, the manufacturer of the reviewed bags in both number #2 and number #5.

The difference is that this one is extra large – XL. Unlike the one in number #2, this is extra extra large – XXL – and perfect for a group of two or more individuals.

Besides the size, TETON Sports Celsius XL winter sleeping bag has the same features and qualities as those in numbers 2 and 5.

To choose among the three, simply consider the number of people who will be using the bag together, and make the buying decision based on that.

In other words, if you’re the only person who’ll be sleeping in the bag, the one in number #5 of this article will be ideal for you. It’s designed for use by one person.

The one in number #2 is perfect for a group of two – a couple, friends, or a couple with a child. It’s big enough and can hold several individuals.


7. The Body Source Mummy Sleeping Bag – best winter sleeping bag for outdoor

best winter sleeping bag for outdoor

Made with high quality materials such as the super warm 300GSM dual filling which is perfect for use in extreme weather conditions, and the sturdy 190T polyester outer shell popularly used for making high quality tents.

The Body Source Mummy sleeping bag comes with dual layers that consist of 2 by 150g/m hollow fiber layers with a drawstring hood. This feature helps enhance warmth and insulation significantly. And it’s one of the reasons this bag is perfect for outdoor activities both in the cold and hot seasons.

Another unique feature that helped propel this model onto our list of the best winter sleeping bags in 2019 is the well secured inner pouch. It’s designed for holding valuables, including mobile devices and other outdoor accessories.

There’s also an added internal drawstring collar that you can pull above your shoulders to keep out undesirable wind and drafts.

For easy and convenient packing, this winter sleeping bag comes with a compression bag. They’re both waterproof.


8. Suisse Sport Everest – best winter sleeping bag for high-altitude outdoor expeditions

best winter sleeping bags

Made with a comfy synthetic insulation that can keep you warm at extreme cold temperatures, and 3.5 pounds of Hollowblend Micro Tekk fill, this sleeping bag is a perfect choice for outdoor activities in severe weather conditions.

One of the key features of this bag is the dual-layer offset quilt. And it’s constructed to prevent the fill from gathering up. This helps wipe out cold spots while you’re sleeping.

Other essential features include a draft tube, a drawstring, and a full chest baffle. Together, they help keep you warm by preventing the wind from getting inside the bag while you’re resting.

A stuff sack is included in the package for a compressed packing and convenient carrying.

Suisse Sport Everest Sleeping bag weighs about 4.85 pounds with a dimension of 33 inches, a height of 24 inches, and a width of 84 inches.


9. OutdoorsmanLab Sleeping Bag

best winter sleeping bags

For environmentally conscious folks, this is the right sleeping bag for you.


For a purchase of a sleeping bag made by OutdoorsmanLab, a tree will be planted. This is an initiative with the goal to preserve the forests.

Now back to the review of the product.

This sleeping bag has a fast dry liner, high loft filling, and a durable shell. They’re all combined to offer you memorable and comfortable sleep experience while you’re in the nature.

Weighing up to 2.9lb, OutdoorsManLab sleeping bag is light in weight and easy to clean. There’s a compression sack in the pack and it’s designed to make packing and carrying this bag more convenient.

In addition to customer ratings, one of the vital features that helped push this piece onto our list of the best winter sleeping bags in 2019 are the flexible straps located on the backside. They’re constructed to comfortably keep you on the sleeping pad throughout your resting time.




With the countless number of brands of sleeping bags on the market today, it’s extremely difficult for someone to find the best winter sleeping bags. But the ones featured in this review article are the top rated and the best on the market in 2020.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find one that’s right for your needs.


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