10 Best Winter Pool Covers 2017 [Reviews]

While there is an endless number of pool cover brands available, only a few of them are suitable for use in the cold season. The problem is that it takes lots of time and trials and errors to find the best winter pool covers for your needs.

winter pool cover reviews

But the good news is that some editors of this shopping guide blog were teamed up and asked to scour the market with the goal to uncover the best swimming pool covers for winter.

Due to the wide arrays of brands on the market, this project lasted more than the anticipated time of completion. The reason was that the editors had difficulties in choosing the top brands to feature on the list, and the ones to eliminate.

After several days of relentless research and communication with some pool experts, the editors were eventually able to unearth the top rated and the best winter pool covers in 2017. Below is the result of their findings.

Introducing our list of the top ten …

Best Winter Pool Covers in 2017: The Reviews

1. Blue Wave Silver 24-ft Round – best rated above ground winter pool cover

top rated winter pool covers

With this model, you can be assured of your pool protection throughout all the seasons of the year, including winter.

It’s heavily woven with polyethylene scrim and expertly coated to make it more resistant to snow, sleet, and winter.

It’s also resistant to the damaging effects of the sun, thanks to the steady u.v. feature that makes this possible.

The black base of this cover helps slow down the growth of algae, and the heat sealed feature helps keep your pool clean through the cold season.

Regardless of the size of your swimming pool, you’ll get the right size of Blue Wave Silver winter pool cover for it. It comes in different sizes with varying list prices.

It has an overlap of four foot to ensure that there’s no ripping or stretching. Included in the package are a winch and a strong cable for tightening.

These are just a few of the reasons why this cover is the most rated and the best above ground winter pool cover on the market today.


2. Blue Wave Bronze 20-ft x 40-ft – best rated in-ground winter pool cover

best rated in-ground winter pool cover

Another high quality pool cover by Blue Wave. Unlike the other pool cover from the same brand, this one is designed for in ground pools.

It has the quality of some of the most expensive in ground swimming pool covers on the market. It’s durable and extremely strong.

Blue Wave Bronze cover is designed to protect your pool not only against the winter alone but also from the wind, sun, and ice.

One of the exceptional features that helped push this onto our list of the best winter pool covers is its ability to withstand the most terrible winter conditions that you can imagine.

Plus, the dirt defender features are well stabilized by U.V to ensure the resilience and durability of this cover.

With the five foot overlap feature of this model, you won’t have to worry about ripping or stretching that’s common in most poorly made swimming pool covers.

No matter the size of your in ground pool, there is a perfect size of this cover for it.


3. Intex Deluxe 18-Foot Round – best 18’ Diameter Winter Pool cover

best winter pool covers

A deluxe round pool cover designed to put a stop to water buildup that’s common is most swimming pools, thanks to the drain holes that make this possible. If your pool has a metal frame, this is a perfect cover for protecting and shielding it.

This winter pool cover is made of UV-resistant polyethylene, a material known for its excellent quality for making large covers.

Intex Deluxe 18-Foot comes with rope ties that you can use to secure it to your pool without any problem. It’s a perfect fit for an eighteen’ diameter swimming pool. And it’s so easy to install on a pool that young kids can handle the pool covering task.


4. Robelle 3524 – best 24-foot above ground pool cover

best pool covers for winter

The extra material of four feet that comes with this cover makes it one of the easiest to secure pool covers on the market. It comes with both cable and winch designed to protect the cover through the unbreakable grommets that are positioned at every 4 feet on the pool cover.

The cable is made to resist any weather condition, and the winch is created to last longer. The surface of Robelle 3524 winter pool cover is made to hamper the detrimental UV rays, and the base is made black to put a stop to the growth of algae.

Heavy duty materials and high scrim counts are qualities of winter pool covers with exceptional durability. Thankfully, this cover is built with a polyethylene material with a weight of 2.36 oz. per yard. This is one of the factors that made us feature this model on our list of the best winter pool covers in 2017.


5. In The Swim – best durable winter pool cover in 2017

best durable winter pool cover

Constructed with an 8 by 6 filament scrim and a sturdy polyethylene material, this is one of the strongest and most durable winter pool covers you can find on the market.

It’s resistant to any type of climate conditions, thanks to the all-weather embossed aluminum grommets and the double-stitched borders that make this possible. The winch and the whole vinyl-coated cable that come with this model make its installation a lot easier.

Regular sunshine is one of the things that cause damage to covers for swimming pools. This one comes with UV materials designed to shield the cover from the damage of sunbeams, and consequently make it last longer.


6. Blue Wave 20-ft x 40-ft Rectangular Leaf Net – best leaf net for winter pool covers

best leaf net for winter pool covers

Take your pool protection to the next level with this material.

The name says it all. This one is designed for use in combination with pool covers, especially in areas with lots of trees that drop leaves into swimming pools.

Even when covered, leaves that make their ways onto the pool covers end up causing decay on the surface and turn them messy and unattractive. Blue Wave leaf net is created to prevent that.

Unlike in other models that have larger mesh, this material comes with very tight mesh traps that don’t allow even the tiniest leaf to drop on the pool cover, thereby keeping the surface of the cover neat and clean.

If you really want to keep your swimming pool clean, secured, and protected during the cold season, get this Blue Wave leaf net, and any of the best winter pool covers featured on this list.


7. Blue Wave Gold 15-ft x 30-ft Oval Above Ground Winter Pool Cover

best winter pool covers

Resistant to tear and any kind of mishandling, this is one of the strongest pool covers on the market today. The rugged U.V and firmly woven polyethylene feature helps protect this cover from any weather condition, including ice, wind, sunshine, and the snow.

Plus, it has a heat preserved feature that helps keep your pool clear and clean, and a dark bottom designed to prevent the thrive of algae which is common in some models.

All this are a few of the incredible features that helped push this model onto our list of the best winter pool covers in 2017.

Another awesome quality of Blue Wave Gold winter pool cover is that it can fit pools of wider top rails without ripping or stretching.


8. Snow2Winter 24′ Round DELUXE PLUS – best winter pool cover for the money

best winter pool cover for the money

Protect your above ground pool with this cover that comes with a 4’ overlap that gives you extra material to keep your pool secured and protected.

This cover is economical, lightweight, easy to install, and comes in double-faced with varying colors that can add to the aesthetic of your pool.

When perfectly installed, it can withstand any level of winter wind without breaking down. You may never buy a winter pool cover again if you maintain Snow2Winter deluxe cover properly. It’s made with a strong and resistant material.

If you have a tight budget but needs an appropriate winter pool cover, this is the perfect one for you.


9. Water Warden Pool Safety Cover – the most expensive winter pool cover in 2017

most expensive winter pool cover

The double strapped surface and bottom, and the triple-stich are some of the incredible features of this winter pool cover. The twofold strapping is designed to add extra layer of protection to your pool, and an added durability to the cover.

This model is one of the strongest winter pool covers on the market that can break-strength of about four thousand lbs.

Water Warden Pool safety cover is easy to remove for storage, thanks to its lightweight that makes this possible.

Included in the whole package of this cover are expertly crafted materials such as solid brass anchors, springs, an installation tool, and hooks. A smart feature of this pool cover is the D-Ring Springs. They’re designed to disallow the use of buckles.


10. Pool Mate 572040R Sandstone – best in-ground winter pool cover

best in-ground winter pool cover

With a five-foot overlap, this cover gives you more than enough material to keep every part of you swimming pool safe and protected from the harsh conditions of the cold weather.

If you intend to close down your pool with a winterizing chemical, make this more effective by covering the pool with Pool Mate Sandstone winter pool cover. It will help conserve the effects of the chemical in the water making your pool clean and fresh in the spring.

This cover is also designed to prevent debris and any type of dirt from getting into your pool throughout the entire cold season. Thanks to the excellent quality polyethylene material used for making the cover.

Another remarkable thing about this cover is its ability to block UV rays from penetrating into your pool during the cold season. This helps prevent the growth of algae in the swimming pool.


There you have it, our reviews of the top rated and the best winter pool covers in 2017. Hopefully, this review article has helped you find the right cover for your swimming pool.

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