10 Best Cold Weather Sleeping Pads 2017 [Reviews]

In order o find the best cold weather sleeping pads on the market, you’ll have to sift through the wide arrays of brands available.

While this may sound like a good idea, it’ll take you lots of time and some trials and errors before you can finally get hold of one with great qualities that meets your outdoor expedition needs.

best cold weather sleeping pads

The good news is that some contributors to this product reviews blog were put into a group. And they were asked to comb through the market with the goal to unearth superior sleeping pads for the cold weather.

After several days of profound and relentless research, the contributors were eventually able to uncover not only the top rated but also the best cold weather sleeping pads in 2017.

Below is the result of their research.

Introducing our list of the top rated and the ten …

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Pads in 2017: The Reviews

1. TNH Outdoors #1 Premium Self Inflating – top rated cold weather sleeping pad in 2017

Regardless of the roughness or unevenness of the surface of the ground, this 1.5 inch thick and compact sleeping pad will make you sleep comfortably like a newborn baby.

It comes with a valve of five hundred series that’s very easy to open. This feature helps make inflating it a lot easier.

Once it’s unrolled, blowing a few puffs of air into the pad will make it ready for a comfortable sleep.

Another remarkable feature of this piece is the 75D polyester outer shell. And it’s crafted to make the sleeping pad stronger and durable.


2. LivBright Lightweight – best cold weather sleeping pad in 2017

Perfect for any type of outdoor activity, this piece is ultralight in weight and compact for convenient packing. Plus, it’s made with materials of superior quality. It’s water resistant, and designed to provide a homey support and cushioning when sleeping on it.

This material is one of the thickest on our list of the best cold weather sleeping pads in 2017. It’s designed in a way that will keep your hips and shoulders off the ground. This helps prevent body aches after several hours of sleeping on it.

LivBright lightweight is a perfect winter sleeping pad for folks who enjoy sleeping on their stomach, back or sides.


3. Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus Mattress

Designed for both comfort and convenient packing, this comes in various sizes and at different price range. The stuff sack included in the package makes it easy to carry so that you can have enough room in your backpack for your outdoor expedition.

If comfort and convenience of carrying are among the top things that you’re looking for in a sleeping pad for cold weather, this is the perfect one for you.

This piece is not only light and sturdy, it’s also extremely easy to set up without breaking a sweat. Plus, it’s an ideal piece for side sleepers.


4. STOÏK’D Stocking Stuffer Special

A remarkable sleeping pad with lots of features that most of the brands on this list don’t have. And regardless of where you use this pad, it will still give you the comfort of a home bed.

It comes with a high-density foam with an r-value of 4.0 and it’s designed to conserve your body’s heat and keep you warm during the cold night.

When it’s properly inflated to its exact thickness – 1.5 inch, you won’t believe you’re resting on a cold weather sleeping pad. The comfort is simply amazing.

One unique quality of the STOÏK’D cold weather sleeping pad is that it doesn’t leak out air while you’re sleeping. If well inflated, it can hold air throughout your stay in the outdoors. No more worries about sore back.


5. Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm – best lightweight cold weather sleeping pad

If you’re considering a lightweight sleeping pad for the cold weather, this is the right one for you. The 2.5 inch mattress that comes with this model is thick and not stuffed with bulky materials like in most pads. And when properly packed, it can fit well in your backpack without taking much space.

One of the exceptional features that helped propel this piece onto our list of the best cold weather sleeping pads in 2017 is the reflective thermal capture technology. It’s designed to trap glowing heat to keep you warm at night.

A complement to this feature is the triangular core matrix. It helps reduce the loss of heat and ensures stability while you’re sleeping.


6. Paria ReCharge Sleeping Pad

It doesn’t matter the type of outdoor trip you’re embarked on – car camping, ultralight backpacking, weekend soldier, or thru-hiking – this sleeping pad is designed with you in mind.

Paria ReCharge sleeping pads are all season pads that are nicely crafted to offer insulation and the warmth that is necessary on those early spring and late season outings.

One awesome feature of this sleep piece is that the interior is laminated and insulated with a high-loft synthetic microfiber to increase warmth, and also reduce the movement of air. This helps add to the comfort that this pad offers.

Another cool thing about this model is the narrow vertical baffles. They’re made to run transversely on your body while proving a soft sleeping surface. No more sliding off a sleeping pad thanks to the nonslip of the diamond rip-stop feature that makes this possible.


7. Therm-A-Rest ProLite Plus Sleeping Pad

One thing that makes this model different from the rest on this list of the best cold weather sleeping pads in 2017 is that it has a tapered shape. This makes it ten percent lighter than most models that come in rectangular forms.

Pads with high-performance foams with tapered design tend to get rid of extra bulk, and can be rolled up to a compact packed size.

Also, the foam that comes with this piece is in a diagonal-cut shape and it’s designed to provide a streamlined insulation.

Inflating this sleeping pad is easy breezy. A few blow of air into it will put it into a firm shape for a comfortable sleep.


8. Klymit Insulated Static V Sleeping Pad

Regardless of the nature of the surface of the area you intend to use this unit, you can be assured of one thing – comfort. It has a non-slip surface that prevents your body from sliding while you’re deeply asleep at night.

Kylmit insulaed cold weather sleeping pad is ultralight and 2.5 inches. One of the incredible features of it is the superior technology rapid rise foam. It can be adjusted to the shape of your body, and it’s designed to offer you warmth, support, and an utmost comfort while you’re sleeping on it.

While it’s made to inflate on its own, a few puffs of air will give it a firmer shape and a softer surface with home-bed-like comfort.


9. OutdoorsmanLab Self-inflating Sleeping Pad

Taking this with you on your outdoor expedition would feel like you’ve taken your home mattress with you.

A self-inflated sleeping pad with a thickness of 1.5 inch, this piece comes with a dual zone support system that is crafted to offer you exceptional support at any sleeping position.

Whether you’re a side sleeper, or you prefer to lie on your back all night long, OutdoorsmanLab sleeping pad will give you a restful comfort.

The anti-slip silicone coating feature is designed to hold on to the pad and to prevent you from sliding off the pad while you’re soundly asleep at night. This quality is rare in most of the best cold weather sleeping pads available on the market today.


10. Integrity Bedding Roll-n-Go

No matter your body size and the number of people you intent to share this with, you’ll find the right size for your needs. It comes in various sizes of lengths, inches, and widths.

This winter sleeping pad comes with a foam of three-layers. One of them is a one-inch and firm foam base layer and it’s designed to offer you a memorable outdoor sleeping experience.

Another one is a one-inch convoluted open cell memory foam and is made to relief pressure. The last layer is nicely insulated for utmost sleeping comfort.

Included in the package of this cold weather sleeping pad are a memory foam pillow for camping, and a storage bag for a convenient outdoor backpacking.


With the wide arrays of brands of sleeping pads on the market, searching for a perfect one that can withstand winter can be daunting and time consuming.

The good news is that pads enlisted in this article are the top rated and the best cold weather sleeping pads available today.

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