10 Best Clock Radios 2017 [Reviews]

The number of brands of clock radios available on the market today is amazingly overwhelming. This makes it extremely difficult to find the best clock radios with excellent qualities.

best clock radios

The good news is that a few contributors to this shopping guide blog were put into one group and asked to comb through the market in order to uncover the top clock radios available.

After several hours of relentless research and email exchange with some other shopping bloggers, the contributors were eventually able to unearth not only the top rated but also the best clock radios in 2017 with incredible features. Below is the result of their research.

Introducing our list of the top ten …

Best Clock Radios in 2017: The Reviews

1. Electrohome EAAC601 – top rated clock radio in 2017

top rated clock radio

With an incredible mini projector that displays time or temperature on your walls or ceiling, this clock radio gives you a 180 degree swivel projection so that you wouldn’t have to roll over your bed to check the time. You’ll see it clearly on the wall or ceiling of your room.

Electrhome EAAC601 clock radio comes with a crystal clear and blue 3.6 inch LCD screen display with the possibility to modify its brightness to your liking.

Plus, it has pre-programmable and daily double alarm setting options that you can set to let the radio wake you up to a time projection, a radio program, or a buzzer. It also displays date and temperature on the screen.

When the power goes off, this radio automatically saves all your settings, including alarms, date, time, and radio dials without the need to reset them all over again.

Electrhome EAAC601 clock radio has a built-in digital AM/FM radio with the capacity to memorize up to 20 different stations. The digital tuning feature lets you capture radio channels a lot easier.

Plus, you can enjoy your favorite music using your Android device, an MP3, an iPhone, or an iPad via the 3.5mm AUX audio input. It comes with a built-in lithium battery that can last for several days when fully charged.


2. Sony ICFC1 – best clock radio in 2017

best alarm clock radios

Never miss an important meeting or appointment again with this clock radio. It comes with a large LCD screen display with a backlight and jumbo LEDs that help make reading the time from across your room real quick.

Even without wearing your glasses, you’ll still be able to read the time on this clock radio. You can adjust the brightness of the backlight to your liking.

Sony ICFC1 has a built-in battery back-up to keep the clock ticking even when there is power outage. Plus, it has two alarm setting options.

One setting choice has normal sounds with preset volumes that are either too low or too loud, this depends on your preference.

The other alarm setting option has sounds with faint and low volume that increases progressively to a rationally high level so that you can wake up gently from your sleep. It features a snooze button that lets you turn off the sound should you decide to get more sleep.

Sony ICFC1 is constructed with an integrated and a programmable analog AM/FM tuner that allows you to choose from the wide arrays of radio stations in your locality. It has a speaker output of 100 mW.


3. Emerson CKS1708 SmartSet – best clock radio under $20

best alarm clock radios reviews

Never drag yourself out of bed again with this clock radio. As soon as you get hold of this piece and turn it on for the first time, it sets itself automatically to the correct time, including day, date, month, and year.

Emerson CK1708 SmartSet clock radio comes with programmable alarm options that you can set to function on all the 7 days of the week, or either on weekends or weekdays only. It also has a large and bright LED screen display on which you can read the time from across your room.

Another remarkable thing about the alarm system feature is that you can set it to wake you up to the buzzer or your preferred radio station. It also comes with a built-in USB output through which you can charge your mobile devices.


4. Mesqool AM/FM Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock Radio

best clock radios

Regardless of the distance or where you are in your room, the 1.8 inch ultra-large LED display feature that comes with this model lets you see the time clearly without the need to wear your glasses.

Another cool feature of Mesqool clock radio is the sleek 180-degree projection that lets you project the time onto your ceiling or wall. The projection is so crystal clear that you’ll become conscious of the time every time you’re in the room.

The digital AM/FM radio feature is constructed to let you capture and enjoy the programs on the wide arrays of radio stations in your locality and its surroundings.

This radio features two alarms for waking up at your set time. You can set the alarm to your favorite radio station or a chosen buzzer. Plus, there is a built-in battery that charges rapidly using a USB charger compatible with mobile devices.


5. Electrohome EAAC470 Alarm Clock Radio

best clock radios

Another high quality radio with clock by Electrohome, one of the leading manufacturers of household gadgets, including some of the top rated and the best clock radios available on the market today.

This unit is by the same manufacturer of the one in number #1. The difference is that some of the features in this model have been improved in the one in number #1. In other words, this model came out before the other one.

So the number one ranking clock radio on this list is an improved version of this one – Electrohome EAAC470.


6. Peakeep Little Digital FM & Alarm Clock

best clock radios

An exceptional model with lots of relevant features that a clock radio should have. Peakeep digital 12-hour clock radio comes with double alarm function features. You can set one to wake you up to the buzzer. This starts off and settles at the standard alarm volume.

The second alarm option can be set to your favorite radio station. This means that instead of the buzzer blowing out at the set alarm time, the radio tunes in to your chosen station automatically. The amazing thing about this particular feature is that it has up to 16 adjustable volume levels that stay at your preferred setting.

On the red LED screen display of this gadget, the time displays clearly without any blink. This facilitates time viewing in full without causing any strain on your eyes at night.

This unit has about ten programmable FM radio stations and storage capacity. The digital scrolling feature that comes with this small clock radio allows you to scan for radio channels automatically and quickly capture any strong signal station within your locality and its surrounding.

Unlike most clock radios with several buttons with unclear instructions, Peakeep has intuitive and independent buttons with clear marks and specific functions.


7. DreamSky Dual Alarms Clock Radio

best clock radios

No need to wear glasses or come too close to read the content on the screen display of this gadget. It comes with a large and red LED digital display. Even elderly people or folks with impaired vision wouldn’t have any difficulty reading the content on the screen.

DreamSky digital clock radio comes with programmable 20 channels of radio stations, including ten AM and ten FM.

This model can be plugged through an AC power outlet. But it also requires two AAA batteries for backups. This will help maintain your settings in case there’s power outage.

Just like some of the models on this list of the best clock radios in 2017, this one also comes with two alarm setting options. One option wakes you up to the buzzer, and the other to a chosen radio station. Plus, there’s a sleep timer that turns off the radio automatically at a preset time.


8. Peakeep Little Digital FM Radio – best small clock radio in 2017

best small clock radio

Another remarkable digital clock radio by Peakep, one of the leading manufacturers of gadgets, including some of the top rated and the best clock radios available on the market today.

One thing that makes their products standout in the competition is the quality and appropriateness of features in their units. This model comes with double alarm clock setting options. Buzzer and preferred radio channel are the two alternatives.

For example, you can set the alarm to wake you up to the buzzer, or you can set it to wake you up to a radio station of your choice. In other words, the radio will automatically turn on to your chosen channel at the set alarm time.

The difference between the two choices above is that the buzzer sounds slowly from the beginning, and increases in volume until you wake up and hit the snooze button. The radio alarm, on the other hand, starts with the latest program that’s being aired – music, talk show, news, weather forecast, etc.

Peakeep Little Digital FM radio has a digital scrolling tuner that you can use to search and preset radio channels automatically. This helps save you lots of time and energy.

The red LED of 1.5 inch is crystal clear and displays time visibly well for you to read from anywhere in your room without the need to get too close to the gadget.

Plus, the backlight can be set to your preferred brightness at night without hindering your sleep, and in the daytime for clear vision.

The buttons that come with this clock radio are clear, easy to see and press. Another unique quality of this piece is the e33 inch extendable antenna that comes with it. This lets you capture more radio stations with clear receptions.

While you can plug this radio to a standard AC outlet, it does require two strong AAA 1.5V batteries so that it can memorize and save all your settings. In case there’s in an outage, all your settings will be restored automatically when the power returns. These are some of the reasons this model made it onto our list of the best clock radios in 2017.


9. Timex T235WY – best AM/FM clock radio in 2017

best am fm clock radio

A unique unit with exceptional features. One of the awesome features is the large and clear to read 1.8 inch red LED screen display. This feature has a setting for the brightness of the back-light. With dual alarm clocks, you can choose to wake up to the buzzer or your favorite radio stations.

Timex T235WY AM/FM digital clock radio has an auxiliary input through which you can connect some mobile devices, including an iPhone, iPod, mp3, or a smartphone and enjoy your music or other audible files via the silky-smooth sounding clock speaker.

This model requires two AAA batteries for backup. Should there be a power outage, it will memorize, save, and restore your settings when the power comes back. Unfortunately, the batteries are not included in the package.

The digital tuning feature lets you program and preset memory the gadget up to 20 radio channels – 10 FM and 10 AM.


10. Horologe USB Alarm Clock Radio – best cool clock radio in 2017

best cool clock radio

A unique gadget with captivating features, including two built-in USB charging ports that you can use to connect your mobile devices. It also has a protection feature for short-circuit, over-voltage, or over-current for charging portable electronic gadgets such as an mp3, iPod, iPad, or Smartphone.

One of the things that helped pushed this piece onto this list of the best clock radios in 2017 is the exceptional alarm clock.

This feature is different from the conventional bell or buzzer that comes with most radio clocks. This one has a lovely wrangle and chirp with sweet and melodious music that wakes you up to a beautiful day.

This clock radio has a built-in digital tuning FM channel frequency with a crystal clear sound and powerful reception. Plus, it can memorize and save up to 10 FM stations of your choice.

Numbers appear big and clear on the 3.2 inch digital LCD screen that comes with this clock radio. You don’t even need to put on your glasses to read the time, temperature, or the alarm.

Plus, the four backlight setting options allow you to choose your preferred brightness without any hindrance on your sleep at night or rest during the day time.


With the numerous brands of clock radios available today, finding the best clock radios can be really daunting and time consuming. Luckily, any of the listed gadget in this article is of great quality with excellent features. Hopefully, you’ve found one that’s right for your needs.

Kindly take take the time and share this review article with your friends and loved ones on your favorite social media outlets. Most of your acquaintances would be glad that you did. If possible, you may decide to offer any of the best clock radios in this article as a gift to your loved ones or friends. You’ll always be remembered for this.

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