10 Best Blenders Under $50 [Reviews]

The number of blender brands on the market is amazingly overwhelming. This makes it extremely difficult to find the best blenders under $50 with relevant features that are appropriate for blending needs.

best blenders under $50

In our quest to create a list of the best blenders under 50 dollars, the editors of this website nearly gave up on the project simply because of the huge number of brands that claim to make the best blending appliance in the industry.

After several days of relentless research, testing, and communicating with lots of blender users, the editors were able to uncover the top blending machines on the market. Below is the result of their findings.

Introducing our list of the top rated and ten …

Best Blenders Under $50: The Reviews

1. Ninja Master Prep – best blender for crushing ice & hard ingredients under $50

Crush ice, mash hard and edible parts of fruits and vegetables, blend frozen fruits, and chop fresh ingredients consistently with this monster blender. This appliance comes with an extremely sharp, strong and powerful blade capable of blending any type of ingredients, regardless of the hardness.

It has an interchangeable 400-watt power pod designed to switch between the 16 oz. bowl and the 48 oz. pitcher. This valuable feature lets you have flexibility in your kitchen.

Ninja Master Prep blender comes with convenient storage lids that you can use to keep your blended food fresh after chopping or blending.

Considering its present list price, you may be doubtful of the efficiency of this blender. We felt the same way while we were compiling the list of the best blenders under $50 on the market. Our skepticism was proved when we got hold of it.


2. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function

Besides being a blender, this appliance can also be used as a food processor. Armed with strong and powerful chopping and blending blades, this machine gives you flexible choices that give excellent results from start to finish of any blending or chopping task that you throw at it.

It’s capable of blending frozen fruits evenly and crushing ice into snow leaving you with mouth-watering and appetizing drinks or food. Thanks to the 700 watt peak power that makes this possible.

Plus, it comes with 12 blending function options that you can use for the right blending task. This helps ensure that you get the best result for any blending task that you perform with this appliance.

Another key feature that makes this machine unique on this list is the no-mess pour spout lid with a hinged cap that makes pouring easy without spilling food all over.


3. Oster Simple 10-Speed Blender

The 450 blending watts, 10 speeds, and 700 power watts make this blender one of the strongest on the market. The stainless steel blade expertly featured in this blender allows it to grind and chop foods and ingredients excellently well.

The integrated pulse feature lets you have absolute control over your blending tasks by giving you precise blending results.

If you’re looking for the best blender for sauces, smoothies, soups, dips, etc., this is the right one for you. It’s a perfect blender for everyday blending of snacks and meals. It has an unbelievable ice crushing power that can turn frozen fruits into snow within a twinkle of an eye.


4. MaxiMatic EPB-1800 Elite – best portable blender under $50

Would you like to mix and blend drinks regularly? It will get it done. Would be doing lots of coffee grinding? Consider it done. What about cheese grating once in a while? It will have your back on that. And nut chopping? No worries.

This blender comes with a strong and powerful 300 watt motor capable of handling any type of food item that you throw into its container regardless of hardness of the ingredients. Its compactness and small stature makes it fit perfectly well in a kitchen without taking much space.

MaxiMatic EPB-1800 Elite comes with four different cups with spill proof lids designed to prevent spilling during blending. The cups come with foam grips for easy and strain-free handling.

If you’re a fitness geek and are looking for the best portable blender that can be used on the go, this is the right one for you.


5. Oster Core 16-Speed Blender

Another remarkable blender by Oster. One of the leading manufacturers of home appliances, including the best blenders on the market. The company is known for making flexible and durable home machines that help make life a lot more convenient.

Enough of rumbling about Oster.

This blender comes with a glass jar, and a 700-watt motor designed to restrain ingredients from moving up the blender’s jar during blending. This helps ensure smooth and thorough blending.

Various speed options are included in the control buttons to give you the right blending choice based on your choice of ingredients. Just like some of the appliances on this list of the best blenders under $50, Oster Core 16-speed can crush ice into snow, blend frozen fruits smoothly, and mash hard ingredients or fruits evenly.


6. BELLA Rocket Extract PRO Power

Turn your favorite nuts and grains, fruits, seeds, and vegetables quickly into a delicious super food smoothie using this blender with a strong 700 watt motor power.

Two different blades come with this machine and they both serve different functions. One is a grinding blade and it’s used for chopping and grinding spices, seeds and nuts. You can also use it for grinding your herbs or coffee beans into your desired texture.

The other blade is an emulsifying one and it’s designed to turn leaves, fruits, and vegetables into liquids within seconds. With this feature alone, you can make mouth-watering and extremely smooth smoothies without chaffs.

One remarkable thing about BELLA Rocket Extra Pro Power blender is that the blades are directly attached to the individual tumblers that come with the machine making it easy for you to drink your blended smoothie right from the cup in which you did the blending.


7. Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart – best blender for smoothie under $50

Unlike most blenders with several useless features that makes them overpriced, this one has very few functional features designed to carry out tasks excellently well. We call it a Zen blender because of the minimalist – few – but efficient features that come with it.

Hamilton Beach smoothie smart blender comes with a programmed 45-second smart blending cycle feature with accurate speed and pulse options that you can use to get your blending done appropriately. The blender turns off automatically at the end of the blending cycle.

If you dread turning off a blender during a blending cycle just to stir the ingredients and turn it on again, this machine will put an end to that. Thanks to the Wave Action feature that helps hold ingredients within the reach of the blender’s blade for thorough blending.

Plus, the glass jar that comes with this device is designed to facilitate pouring without messing up your kitchen.


8. BLACK+DECKER BL1110RG Fusion Blade – best countertop blender under $50

Blend anything imaginable into a perfect result with this device – from sauces to smoothies of all type. Lack of recipes is the only limit to what this blender can do. It comes with a 12 speed setting options and a pulse function that ensures accurate blending results.

Included in the package are 6-cup glass jars of 48 oz. The walls of each jar are thick, making them safe for blending hot soups. The shapes of the jars are designed to push back ingredients straight to the reach of the blender’s blade for thorough blending.

Plus, it has a 550 watt power capable of handling tough and hard ingredients, including frozen fruits, ice, hard fruits and vegetables. The combine power of the motto and the fusion blade help make this possible.

At the base of this appliance are slip-resistant rubber feet made to keep the blender in place during a blending cycle. A convenient cord wrap feature makes it easy to keep the cord intact when the machine is not in use.


9. KitchenAid 5-Speed RRKSB1570ER

This one can do a lot, including liquefying, stirring, pureeing, mixing and chopping. The 1-5 pulse setting options and the ice crushing mode feature makes it a powerful blender that can handle any blending task that you throw at it.

It has the most powerful and effective vortex that is thorough and faster to give you outstanding blending outcomes. An essential factor that help propelled this unit onto our list of the best blenders under $50 is the Intelli-Speed motor control feature that is designed to sense contents, and maintain optimum speed so that the blade can power through all the ingredients in the jar. This helps ensure a perfect blending result.


10. VonShef 4 in 1 Multifunctional – best blender for grinding under $50

It can do it all. Grinding, blending, juicing, and smoothie-ing. It comes with a 1.5L jar, a food pusher designed to push ingredients towards the reach of the stainless steel cross blade that’s strategically featured to ensure thorough blending.

Other useful features are two beakers with lids, a centrifugal juicing filter for making layer-free juice, and two cups of different sizes with lids.

Of all the appliances on our list of the best blenders under $50, this is among those that can grind seeds into flour. In other words, VonShef 4 in 1 Multi-functional is the best blender for grinding seeds and any other ingredient that requires grinding.


While there’s an endless brands of food blending appliances on the market, only a few of them are of excellent qualities. Especially among the claimed best blenders under $50. But those listed in this review article are the top rated and most purchased blenders under 50 dollars on the market.

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